Saturday, April 7, 2012

Set "Rainbow"

Once I had a rainbow mood, here and come up with such wonderful things :)
Earrings "Rainbow peas" and the brooch "Rainbow" (5 cm in diameter)
Polymer Clay, furniture, lacquer

Как-то было у меня радужное настроение, вот и придумались такие замечательные вещи :)
Серьги "Радужный горошки" и брошь "Радужная" (диаметр 5 см)
Полимерная глина, фурнитура, лак


  1. Hi, am from Greece and I was wondering if these can be ordered and delivered to my home .. And of course what payment method you prefer.

    I don't understan Russian so this page is really hard for me to browse through :/

  2. Hi, Roxanne! I am very pleased that you liked my work.
    Unfortunately, in this blog, I often forget to write!
    All my creative gallery can be found here
    Almost all of the things in gallery already have owners. But some of them free. Sometimes, doing something again in the order (eg, a set of "Rainbow", because it is very popular). I usually send my jewelry in Russia, but now am trying to learn how to send abroad (I received order from the USA). At the moment I have a queue of several orders, so if you're agree to wait, I'll do for you this set :)
    Here is my e-mail for communication:
    Write to me, and I will be happy to answer all your questions :)
    P.s. This blog will be supplemented over time, just until everything is not enough time: (